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Ready for the overall Third Wave in digital transformation.

DFFRNT is a group of 50 passionate professionals from the Tech and Creative Sector. We combine leading edge thinking with a strong makers culture.

Partnering with DFFRNT is all about shaping the future together.

We run digital growth programs
Our strategic programs accelerate your organisational capacity for digital leadership, growth-hacking, innovation, and venturing.

We create digital content and IP
The online, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality content we create, builds unique experiences and IP for our own platforms and our partners in all DFFRNT industries.

We build digital products and ventures
We partner with seasoned entrepreneurs and industry leaders to build, launch and scale digital products that shift us and our partners into entirely new realms of possibility.

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Human Talent X Technology - The Multiplier Effect

DFFRNT multiplies the reach, talent, initiative, performance, and impact of leaders, teams and companies.
That’s the ‘X’ in Human Talent X Technology—we challenge assumptions, cross boundaries, and connect cross-disciplinary teams.

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Making a positive impact on people’s daily lives.

We elevate delight, beauty, and meaning in an exponentially louder and more saturated world. We enrich our collective creativity with diverse perspectives, convening talented thinkers and makers from all sectors and backgrounds around our key question: how can we apply technology and creativity to make a real difference?

We stand for positive impact.

Energy, enthusiasm and joy drive our teamwork and our approach to business transformation.

We settle for nothing less than breakthrough creativity.

We are interested in going beyond what has been done before to solve entrenched problems in a fresh new ways.

We can use technology, not just be used by technology.

New interfaces and platforms are pathways to direct, value-rooted relationships with people. We are proficient in reimagining technology as the underpinning of human stories.

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We already made impact with...

Albert Heijn
Chiquita Bananas
Future Society
Hewlett Packard

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