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It’s a famous quote that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. That is especially true when dealing with emerging technologies and the transitions they cause in society and business. We are in need of a new mindset, skillset, and toolset to cope with these upcoming disruptions ánd to maybe even grasp some of the opportunities that will arise. Leaders need to see beyond the wave of upcoming challenges to recognize and prepare for what might be possible in the near future. Through envisioning they will establish a new ‘Polestar' from which they can plot backward through a process of discovery and design to ignite and guide a big shift in the organization. This process demands a truly fresh look at the same situation.

A fresh look that is never easy to obtain. Like a professional sports trainer we need to learn to design some kind of obstacles to nudge ourselves continuously out of the current groove and routines into the rough, the off-the-beaten-track. To enable such a second stance we develop programs that train boardrooms, innovations teams and curious professionals in their creative capacities to do so. These programs are tailored to your needs, yet also designed to challenge you to become an explorer in uncharted territory. What do you need to hold on to, what could you let go? How to engage your organization or partners? What is driving your change or transformation; a future business model, upcoming threats, a sense of purpose? Why would your customers be better off with this new idea or service?

To help organizations to become a team of teams, to create a learning culture, we offer challenging assessments to experience how “Future Ready” your organization or team is. In addition, we design learning programs to guide your innovation towards a 2.0 way of working together on the challenges in your field. We offer workshops, facilitation and online tracks for a continuous provocation of your organizations 21st century capacity. Inspiring tracks that allow all your employees to unleash their trigger for change, to make use of the power of the crowd. In our belief, this is how we all can make a real difference, each and every day. So, one question remains; Are you ready?

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